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HOTEL.CZ a.s. is running projects www.hotel.cz, www.turistik.cz, www.spa.cz, www.hory.cz and belongs among top Czech web services focused on accommodation and tourism. Our long-term goal is to provide our clients with a wide offer of accommodation possibilities in Czech Republic and Slovakia, along with professional call-center and customer support services.

In April 2008, the HOTEL.CZ a.s. company became one of many Internet projects run by the MITON (www.miton.cz) company. In October 2008, the company's offices were moved to Liberec and we started providing our new call-center services. At that moment, the company was already employing more than 4× the people than in the time of the acquisition in April. A year later, in October 2009, there are over 30 employees in HOTEL.CZ a.s.

We launched a new version of the www.hotel.cz portal in January 2010. The new Hotel.cz is technologically linked with the Previo (www.previo.cz) reservation system, which allows you to book your reservation online requiring only a credit card number as a guarantee.

Sokolovská 194/205
190 00 Praha 9
Czech republic

HOTEL.CZ a.s. (office in Liberec)
Řeznická 7
460 01 Liberec 1
Czech republic

Tel: +420 222 539 539
Fax: +420 483 515 291
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ICO: 27176223
DIČ: CZ27176223

Bank account number: 43-2145830207/0100
IBAN code: CZ33 0100 0000 4321 4583 0207

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